Roti Modern Mediterranean

  • Location(s): Skokie, IL

Roti Modern Mediterranean is a fast casual restaurant with a devotion to natural ingredients. The project goal was to overhaul the concept in order to align Roti with a generation of younger consumers flooding to fast-service, casual-dining venues. These diners are in search of inexpensive food made with clean ingredients including whole grains, plenty of vegetables and lean proteins. Project challenges included using space efficiently to incorporate the needed kitchen equipment and seat count within a limited footprint.

The final design uses subtle, clean materials to showcase the fresh, colorful food and beverage items, creating the ideal environment to indulge in “Food That Loves You Back.” The design team created a vestibule where guests enter toward the right and move through the dining area, passing a display of colorful ingredients toward the start of the ordering line. There, they are met with menu choices backed by the visual of fresh greens. Judicious use of color and warmth maximize the vibrancy of the fresh food and beverage. Live foliage in the space also sends the message of freshness. 

Roti represents the best in casual dining with its bright, clean space that is easy to navigate and showcases fresh, colorful ingredients. The environment evokes a feeling of happiness and health upon entry of the space.